Chloe Austerberry (2018 Cohort)

Chloe Austerberry


About me: I am interested in developmental psychopathology and children’s socio-emotional and cognitive development. In particular I am interested in understanding the biological mechanisms that underlie child development and the influence of the early caregiving environment on child outcomes. I have a decade of research experience at leading academic institutions and charities, including the UCL Institute of Education, Coram, The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, the Yale Child Study Centre, and the UCL Research Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology. My bachelor’s was in Philosophy at King’s College London and I recently completed the UCL MRes in Developmental Neuroscience and Psychopathology. Alongside the PhD, I work as a Research Officer at the Anna Freud and UCL Child Attachment and Psychological Therapies Research Unit.

My research: My PhD aims to address important and unanswered questions about the role and interplay of genes and the early caregiving environment in child learning and cognitive development. In particular I want to consider how children’s genetically-influenced characteristics may influence the amount or quality of cognitive stimulation their caregivers provide. I will examine these questions through the secondary analysis of data from the Early Growth and Development Study, a NIH funded, longitudinal adoption study, based at the University of Oregon and Pennsylvania State University. I will be studying at UCL with supervision from UCL and Birkbeck, and mentorship from Yale University. 

Supervisors: Prof Pasco Fearon and Prof Angelica Ronald


  • Redfern, S., Wood, S., Lassri, D., Cirasola, A., West, G., Austerberry, C., Luyten, P., Fonagy, P., Midgley, N. (2018). The Reflective Fostering Programme (RFP): background and development of the approach. Adoption & Fostering, 42(3) 234-248. DOI: 10.1177/0308575918790434
  • Lucas P, Jessiman T, Cameron A, Wiggins M, Hollingworth K, Austerberry C. (2013). Healthy Start Vouchers Study: The Views and Experiences of Parents, Professionals and Small Retailers in England.Bristol: University of Bristol.

Pathway: Psychology

Location: UCL Research Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology