UBEL’s message to students regarding UKRI’s latest announcement on covid-19 related extensions

Dear UBEL DTP Students, 

With reference to UKRI’s latest announcement, this message is to let students know that the DTP management team will be discussing how we can support our students with any new extension requests. ESRC have informed UBEL that we have received a small allocation of funding to support students – in the interest of transparency, the allocation received equates to 28 months of tuition fee and stipend to be shared across the cohorts (i.e. a maximum of 28 individual students could potentially receive a 1 month extension each). 

Please be aware that Phase 2 extension requests are still being confirmed at an institutional level and that UCL has an Easter closure from Thursday 1st April (5pm) until Monday 12th April (9am). 

UBEL will continue discussions concerning the additional funding for extensions and a subsequent process, after the Easter Break. 

For more information, please refer to the UKRI website: https://www.ukri.org/our-work/tackling-the-impact-of-covid-19/guidance-for-applicants-and-awardholders-impacted-by-the-pandemic/

Best wishes, 


NCRM has produced a wealth of resources on ‘Research methods in Covid-19 times’.

The National Centre for Research Methods provides a service to learners, trainers and partner organisations in the research methods community.

Various resources have been made available, to help researchers with Covid-19 related disruptions. These can be found on the project’s website in the ‘Resources and Reports’ tab

One of the resources relates to research ethics. It is the Wayfinder guide to doing ethical research during Covid-19 times

There are also numerous training courses available in their database. Pleas see the current list of courses here.

Christmas and New Year Holiday Closure Notice

Please note that the university will be closed from Friday 18th December, with staff returning on Monday 4th January 2021. The UBEL DTP team will not be answering emails during this period. We hope you enjoy the Christmas break and have a happy new year!