London DTPs Conference 2019

On Friday 7th June 2019, our students participated in the London DTPs Conference 2019. A student-led event, this one-day conference brought together students from the LSE, LISS and UBEL DTPs, and the LSS, KISS, LSE and Bloomsbury DTCs to present their research, as well as engage in discussions and workshops, focusing on the role of Social Science, and Social Science researchers in serving society.

The programme included:
  • Parliament and Social Science: working together to make a difference [Speaker: Dr Rowena Bermingham]
  • Writing Justice/ Performing Injustice: Reflections on Research, Publicity and the Birmingham Trojan Horse Affair [Speaker: Prof John Holmwood]
  • Interdisciplinarity [Speakers: Dr Geoff Goodwin and Prof Noortje Mares

There was also a Poster Buzz Round for 5 minute flash presentations.



Poster Presentation Workshop 2019

Here’s the workshop in case you missed it!

On Wednesday 1st May 2019, our very own Dr Richard Freeman hosted a Poster Presentation Workshop, providing guidance on what makes an effective poster.

The workshop was aimed at our research students who give poster presentations, giving them the opportunity to learn about the keys aspects of a poster presentation.


Research careers inside and outside the University


The DTP held our first careers event, Research careers inside and outside the University, at Mary Ward House., featuring talks from the DTP Director and Dr Chiara Manzoni from the National Institute of Economic Research.

You can find the slides from the presentations at the event below:

Professor Andrew Tolmie (UBEL DTP): Research careers inside and outside the university and Postdoctoral employment: The shift from a ‘career for life’ to a ‘lifetime of careers’ (Dr Richard Freeman). (PPTX, 2.3 MB)

Dr Chiara Manzoni (NIESR): Research careers outside the university (PPTX, 142 KB)

Professor Andrew Tolmie (UBEL DTP): Careers within the university (PPTX, 1.4 MB)