About me: My undergraduate degree in Philosophy at the University of East Anglia fostered an interest in how data are manipulated into metrics, outcomes and results through decision making procedures. This lead to taking the MSc Urban Analytics and Smart Cities course at the Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis. My current research is based around looking into how the spatial and temporal behaviours of individuals using Public Transport use can be analysed with smart travel card transaction data.

My research: I will be creating tools for geolocating smartcard transaction data. This will allow analysis of the spatial and temporal behaviour, or mobility, of users over a long timeframe. The aim is to see how public transport facilitates different kinds of mobilities, bringing in issues of social inclusion and accessibility. The tools and techniques developed will be of use to any organisation or researcher looking into public transport through user behaviour.

Supervisors: Prof Paul Longley and Dr Jens Kandt

Pathway: Human Geograhy

Location: UCL Department of Geography