Industrial Strategy Studentships 2017 entry

Deadline for applications: 31 July 2017


The UBEL DTP is inviting project proposals from supervisors for ESRC-funded studentships which address for doctoral projects that link to Industry Partners, and which address one or more of ESRC’s identified Industrial Challenges or cross-cutting themes:

  1. Robotics and artificial intelligence
  2. Bioeconomy – healthcare, food, energy
  3. Satellites and space technologies
  4. Transformative digital technologies – interactions between people and technology
  5. Cutting edge healthcare and medicine
  6. Use of new energy technologies
  7. Manufacturing processes and materials of the future – business models
  8. Creative and cultural industries


  1. Place –  understanding the role of industry in driving growth across the whole country and understanding regional variation/policies
  2. Transforming business practices – understanding what drives innovation in business and how best to support it
  3. Skills – exploring the skills needed by employers and managers to underpin the modern economy
  4. Digital Infrastructure – understanding the benefits and challenges of digital technologies and innovative use of data

For full details of these themes, please take a look at this document:  Annex 2 ESRC Industrial Challenges


This project should address a research topic which is of both theoretical and practical significance, with clear alignment to ESRC’s Industrial Challenges and potential benefits to industry that may be realised through those links. Where possible it should also provide opportunities for a funded PhD student to gain first-hand experience of work outside an academic environment. Unlike the DTP’s Co-funded and Collaborative Competition, there is no requirement for partner involvement in supervision or contribution of resources.


How to Apply

The Industrial Challenges Studentship Competition is a two stage process:

  1. The first stage is the submission of an application form by Monday 31 July 2017. One or more academics working in the area of an identified DTP Pathway with links to one or more relevant industry partners produce a proposal for a Industrial Challenges studentship project. Proposals are assessed by the DTP Board, which decides whether or not an award should be made.
  2. Successful applicants from the first stage then recruit a suitable student for their award by Monday 18 September 2017. Recruitment will be in consultation with the relevant Pathway Leader, who is responsible for assessing the academic strength of candidates.


Application Documents

Competition Information: Industrial Strategy Challenges Competition
Application Form: UBEL DTP Industrial Challenges application form
Guidance Notes: UBEL DTP Industrial Challenges competition guidance notes


The completed application form and accompanying information must be submitted by MONDAY 31 July 2017 to Alison Freeman, DTP Manager: