For the second time this year, Rachel Shabi will be hosting a media and communications workshop designed to ensure that, the next time you address a rolling camera, an audience or an interview panel, you’re fully equipped to get your message across.

This session covers a range of tips, techniques and broadcast skills including: engaging your audience and messaging; a quick formula for message prep; taking control of your interview; tackling nervousness; communicating academic research to a wider audience; building confidence and dealing with hostile media or curveball questions. As well as practice in breakouts, you will have an individual, recorded mock interview – with feedback sent to you after the session – so you have a chance to put some of those skills to use. By the end of the session, you will have the confidence and ability to take media requests – even at short notice. 

An award-winning journalist, author and broadcaster, Rachel Shabi also works as a communications consultant with universities, charities, international NGOs, think tanks and others to develop and enhance media and presentation skills. Her practical, interactive sessions teach techniques and skills to build confidence and media presence.

Rachel Shabi will be hosting the workshop is for second and final year students only and places will be offered on a first come first served basis. Please only sign up for a space if you are absolutely certain that you will attend. We will keep a waiting list also. 

Date: 24th January 10-4pm in Room 770 (IOE) 

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