Decolonial Research Methods webinar series with Vineeta Sinha, Linda T. Smith, Raewyn Connell, Walter Mignolo, Sujata Patel & Jeong-Eun Rhee

About this event

While the popularisation of a coherent decolonial paradigm may be one of the most significant developments within academia in recent years, there has not been enough focus on the implications of this ‘decolonial turn’ for research methods and methodologies. In this webinar series, eminent decolonial experts will reflect on some of the key issues relating to the coloniality/decoloniality of academic research methods and methodologies. This webinar series will prompt academic researchers to explore the ways in which academic research may either reinforce or dislodge colonial discourses.

Prof Vineeta Sinha (National University of Singapore)

26th October 2021

Rio de Janeiro: 05:00 ~ Cape Town: 10:00 ~ Tehran: 11:30 ~ Jakarta: 15:00

Prof Linda T. Smith (Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi)

2nd November 2021

Rio de Janeiro: 03:00 ~ Cape Town: 08:00 ~ Tehran: 9:30 ~ Jakarta: 13:00

Prof Raewyn Connell (University of Sydney)

9th November 2021

Rio de Janeiro: 04:00 ~ Cape Town: 09:00 ~ Tehran: 10:30 ~ Jakarta: 14:00

Prof Walter Mignolo (Duke University)

23rd November 2021

Rio de Janeiro: 11:00 ~ Cape Town: 16:00 ~ Tehran: 17:30 ~ Jakarta: 21:00

Prof Sujata Patel (Umeå University)

30th November 2021

Rio de Janeiro: 05:00 ~ Cape Town: 10:00 ~ Tehran: 11:30 ~ Jakarta: 15:00

Prof Jeong-Eun Rhee (Long Island University, Post)

7th December 2021

Rio de Janeiro: 09:00 ~ Cape Town: 14:00 ~ Tehran: 15:30 ~ Jakarta: 19:00

The webinar series has been organised by Dr Leon Moosavi, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology at the University of Liverpool and Director of the University of Liverpool in Singapore

The webinar series has been funded by the National Centre for Research Methods (UK)


Registering on this page will register you for all of the webinars. Those who cannot attend all of the webinars are welcome to just attend the ones that they can make. The webinars will be held on Zoom. Non-academics and academics from all disciplines are welcome to attend. Recordings of some parts of the webinars will be shared with all of those who register after the webinar series has concluded.

Privacy Note

Please note that the webinars will be recorded. Some parts of the recordings will be uploaded online and publicly disseminated in both audio-visual and transcript format. The webinar series will also inform future academic publications about decolonial research methods. Those who do not want to be captured in the recordings or transcripts should turn their webcams and microphones off.