ESRC Business Boost Programme Funding

The UBEL DTP currently has a small amount of funding (of up to £2,500 per application) through the ESRC Business Boost Programme to facilitate knowledge exchange between social science research and business (e.g. profit making including social enterprises) based in the UK. Preference will be given to applicants who can utilise the funding and report on the impact of the project/activity by the end of October 2019.

Please find additional information on the Expression of Interest Form and please note the following:

  • The funds can be used for existing or new projects or activities such as: networking events, sandpits, workshops, meetings, the development of CPD short courses, setting up advisory boards, market testing and assessment, and UK travel expenses for UCL academics or postdocs (not for externals);
  • Partner organisations are external, non-academic organisations who will participate in the project or activity with UBEL DTP project participants and will benefit from the potential outcomes of the project or activity. The activity can include public agencies and third sector organisations as well, but it is important that at least one business be included;
  • The funds don’t cover public engagement;
  • In exchange, funded projects agree that after the activity, they will participate in a case study coordinated by our partner, UCL Innovation & Enterprise, in order to report back on its impact to the ESRC, and to exploring ways in which we could further support.

We have limited funding available so it’s advised that you apply at your earliest convenience. We hope to have a quick turnaround process.

For further details or queries, please contact Prof Li Wei.