CLOSER Workshop

CLOSER is running a workshop ‘Using multiple longitudinal studies for age-period-cohort investigation’ as follows:

Date & Time: Thursday 21 February 2019 09:30-16:00

Venue: Friends House, Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ

Longitudinal studies provide rich data for life course epidemiology (e.g. understanding some age-related process or its causes and consequences), but this power is magnified by working across multiple studies. In particular, with multiple cohorts (representative of the same population) born at different points in time, researchers can investigate how some age-related process or association has changed over time in response to shifts in the behavioural, nutritional, and political etc. environments.

This workshop will focus on the use of multiple longitudinal studies for age-period-cohort investigation.

This event is aimed at PhD students and early-career researchers, however everyone is welcome to attend.

Speakers include: Dr Will Johnson, Dr Silvia Costa, Dr Tom Norris and Liina Mansukoski (Loughborough University), Dr Andrew Bell (University of Sheffield), Dr Alice Goisis (LSE), and Dr Anamaria Braelian (King’s College London)

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