The Bloomsbury Postgraduate Skills Network comprises a shared skills training programme allowing research students in the participating institutions to enhance their generic research skills and personal transferable skills, through attending training courses and workshops at other member institutions. UBEL DTP students are eligible for all BPSN courses.

Their website is continuously updated throughout the year with new developmental opportunities for postgraduate researchers.

Upcoming Courses

 Date  Course Title  Places
14 Mar Postgraduate Funding: Considering the Alternatives for Research Students Waiting List
15 Mar Overcoming Writer’s Block for Research Students Available
15 Mar Publication Workshop 2: Publication Ethics Available
15 Mar UCL Careers Workshops
Marketing Yourself in Person
15 Mar Teaching Skills for the PhD Student Available
16 Mar Teaching Arts in Higher Education
12 January – 23 March 2018
16 Mar Open Academy Workshops
Boosting Your Online Profile
Waiting List
17 Mar Saturday symposia for part-time researchers
Essentials of Viva Preparation & Generating Grant Funding
17 Mar Python: the Swiss Army Knife for Researchers Waiting List
17 Mar History, Ethnography and Memory Available
19 Mar Key Concepts in Science and Technology Studies
Communicating Risk and Uncertainty in a Complex World
19 Mar Postgraduate Funding: Considering the Alternatives Available
19 Mar Qualitative Interviewing Waiting List
20 Mar Animal Research: Critical, Challenging & Creative Thinking
(theme: integrity)
20 Mar Working ethically with children and young people as research participants Available
20 Mar Using LaTeX for Scientific Writing
6, 13 and 20 March 2018
Waiting List
21 Mar Introduction to Research Support and Integrity
(theme: integrity)
21 Mar UCL Careers Workshops
Academic Career Planning
21 Mar Exploring Gender in Management Studies
21 March and 4 June 2018
22 Mar Open Academy Workshops
Open Futures
22 Mar Introduction to Public Engagement  Available
23 Mar Preparing to Submit Your Thesis – Points to Consider Available
26 Mar Your PhD Part 1 – Reading for a PhD – The First Important Steps Waiting List
27 Mar Your PhD Part 2 – Management Skills for Researchers Available

To browse other courses, find further details and to book places, please visit the Bloomsbury Postgraduate Skills Network website.